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 Sheffield Hallam Acting & Performance Showcase 

 28th March - 8th April 2022 

The ChangeMakers are here with an innovative, accessible, break-away event.


A festival celebrating new artists, featuring devised performances, original film and thought-provoking plays. We want to showcase the talent of tomorrow in Sheffield, the fastest growing theatre scene outside of London.


We want change, we make change, we are ChangeMakers! 


Abandon all hope, on entry here. Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Dante’s classic poem, brought screaming into the modern day. In this multi-sensory experience, featuring physical theatre and film set to a thudding score, descend into the circles of hell and despair at what lies in wait. Will you lose yourself to Lust? Be consumed by Gluttony? Or unleash your inner Rage? THIS is hell on Earth.


The Performance Lab

7:00-8:30pm Wednesday 30/03/22

7:00-8:30pm Thursday 31/03/22



Witness characters being plunged into unprecedented situations. Explore how the past guides present decisions. Question morality to decide what is right and wrong. A self-proclaimed author writes stories about child torture and murder, but when reality starts to imitate art, the writer finds himself in a difficult situation. Are these stories coincidences, or is something more sinister afoot? With off the rails detectives and a narcissistic writer, can this mystery be solved? Will these victims receive justice?

The Performance Lab

19:30-20:30 Friday 01/04/22

19:30-20:30 Monday 04/04/22


How far would you go to keep your job? in this dark comedy that blurs the lines between work and play, Emma is pressured to trades aspects of her personal life in order to keep her job. Following a series of unsettling meetings with her manager, we see them deteriorate into interrogations until she is left with nothing left. This thought-provoking, riveting, and nail-biting performance will leave you speechless at the toxic climate created in the workplace.

The Performance Lab

6:00-7:00pm Tuesday 05/04/22

6:00-7:00pm Wednesday 06/04/22



1950s suburbia is not all as it seems. When faced with an unexpected piece of news, obedient housewife Mary must decide how to react. Whichever path she chooses, she somehow must break free from the pressures of the misogyny that has kept her in line... until now. Watch as we push the boundaries of gender role reversal in this thrilling, psychological stage performance.

The Performance Lab

18:00-19:00 Thursday 07/04/22

18:00-19:00 Friday 08/04/22


Come to the heart and soul of a proper northern pub, watch the range of vivid, bold and grotesque characters. Laugh, cry and fall in love.

The Performance Studio

7:30-8:30pm Thursday 07/04/22

7:30-8:30pm Friday 08/04/22



Ipomoea is a film that explores the journey of two women through misogyny, psychedelics, witchcraft, and mental illness.


The Performance Lab

19:00-20:00 Friday 08/04/22

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