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FRIDAY 14th May 7PM


7:00 pm - Final Night Introduction (Zoom).

7:30 pm - Young and Beautiful by Eloise McConnell (short film)

7:45 pm - Si-Ko by John Hodgson (short film)

8:00 pm - High Authority by Dermot Treanor (short film)

8:15 pm - The Women by Bridie Cooper & Izzy Hobson (short film)

9:00 pm - Fresh Batch 'BIG FAT QUIZ' (social event)

Please feel free to join the Zoom event and watch the pieces with us. You may also choose to access this evening's events by navigating the media below. This option is recommended if you struggle with a poor connection. 


Join the ZOOM...

Young & Beautiful 7:30 pm

by Eloise McConnell

"You are absolutely stunning and that is the least interesting thing about you – isn’t it?!"

Can you be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously?

From the ancient Greeks to the Pre-Raphaelites, from Golden age goddesses of the silver screen to supermodel heroine chic – cultural and social idealisations of beauty fascinate and often fixate us. This one woman performance explores the narcissistic tendencies of our social media obsession with image/self, self/image and the darker side of this relationship {as chronicled on TikTok]. #young&beautiful

Created by Eloise McConnell

Performed by Eloise McConnell

About Eloise McConnell

Eloise is an actor, soon to graduate from the BA ‘Performance for Stage & Screen’ at SHU. Her most recent roles include Lady Macbeth in William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, and Myra Hyndley in The Making of a Monster – a short film Eloise also authored and directed. After graduation Eloise plans to go on to postgraduate study so she can further develop her craft before launching her industry career.


Direct link:

SI-KO 7:45 pm

by  John Hodgson

Nancy has been brutally killed and Bill Sikes, Dickens’ infamous villain of Victorian London, is taken in for questioning - but in the shadow of the Ripper murders is there more to this than first meets the eye?


The year is 1888, the place is Whitechapel – a poverty stricken, crime riven part of the City. In these shadowy streets, amongst the dark corners, two murderers instil fear in the public – Jack the Ripper and Bill Sikes. While Jack evades capture, Bill is arrested for the murder of Nancy and, with the clock ticking, it’s up to an Irish copper to get to the truth. #young&beautiful

Created by John Hodgson

Performed by John Hodgson

Warnings: Not suitable for people under the age of 12.

About John Hodgson

John is a film-maker, writer, singer and actor. His most recent work includes an adaptation of a Ray Bradbury short story into the sci-fi film ‘Captain Hollis’ in which he also starred.  After graduating from the BA in ‘Performance and Professional Practice’ John will pursue a career as an actor and teacher in Musical Theatre/Performing Arts.

Direct Link:


by Dermot Treanor

In an adaptation of Harold Pinter's, The Dumb Waiter we see Gus in the late 50s accelerate up a career ladder he believes he wants, but is he ready for it?


Gus is a young unemployed man living in the late nineteen fifties in Sheffield with his Mother. Gus recalls leaving School and not wanting to follow the same occupation path as his peer. We see his path of uncertainty through the treacherous career he has fought to be part of. #ShowCase2021 #ShuCase2021 #ShuShortFilmFestival


Created by Dermot Treanor

Performed by Dermot Treanor


Warning: not suitable for viewers under the age of 18. Contains themes of murder and substance abuse.


About Dermot Treanor

Dermot is a beginner editor and videographer who is interested in writing and comedy. Instagram

The Women 8:15 pm

by  Izzy Hobson and Bridie Cooper

Interviews and flashback sequences of two women surrounding the disappearance of their boyfriend reveal heart break does bad things.

This is a short film which follows two women who are unaware they are romantically involved with the same man. James Smith goes missing on one late night whilst traveling from fiance to mistress. Interviews and flashback sequences of two women surrounding the disappearance of their boyfriend reveal heart break does bad things… #TheWomen2021


Created by Bridie Cooper and Isabella Hobson

Performed by Bridie Cooper and Isabella Hobson


About Bridie Cooper

Bridie is a final year performance student at Sheffield Hallam University with the aspiration to follow a career as a primary school teacher via Schools Direct. She plans to maintain her passion for acting and dancing through extracurricular activities and shows.


About Isabella Hobson

Isabella is a final year student at Hallam, hoping to progress onto a masters in screen acting and eventually become a full-time working actor.  

Direct Link:

The BIG FAT QUIZ 9:00 pm

by The Fresh Batch Theatre Company

Join us for the final social event of the year as we look back on a great week and celebrate everyone's hard work. We'll also be saying farewell to our Level 6 students, and wishing them all the best on the stage of their journey. 

Dress to impress! All welcome!

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