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7:00 pm - Fourth Night Introduction (Zoom).

7:30 pm - You Don't Know by Tilly Griffiths (short film)

7:45 pm - The Girl in the Dark by Jasmine Ashworth (short film)

8:00 pm - Our Lungs by Yizhen Li & Euan Irving (short film)

8:30 pm - Cthulhu Calls by Matt Skelton (short film)

Please feel free to join the Zoom event and watch the pieces with us. You may also choose to access this evening's events by navigating the media below. This option is recommended if you struggle with a poor connection. 


Join the ZOOM...

You Don't Know 7:30 pm

by Tilly Griffiths

Every girl has a list. Olivia followed hers and still it happened. 

Usual night out!? Pres at Mia's, Spoons for a few and then off to West Street. Always up for a £5 round at Tigers and have you really been if you haven't taken photos in LED Mirrors? Always a great picture until you realise Mia's eyes are shut, Emma's boob is hanging out and your lipsticks worn off. Its the usual night out, drink a lot, dance a bit and then off to smoking area for "fresh air". But then the morning after rolls around. #youdontknow #DidISayYes

Created by Tilly Griffiths

Performed by Tilly Griffiths

Warnings: Contains strong language, adult themes and depictions of sexual assault. Not suitable for viewers under 16.

About Tilly Griffiths

Tilly is an actress whose most recent work includes a contemporary short film adaptation of the well known fairytale Little Red Riding Hood and Marianne in a SHU in-house performance of Nick Payne’s Constellations.  Alongside her work for Growtheatre, Sheffield, Tilly is co-organiser of the monthly Fresh Batch of Scratch performance event.  As an actress and performance maker Tilly is keen to produce work that highlights and confronts taboo topics and social issues/injustices.


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THE DARK 7:40 pm

by  Maraya Ashworth

In this twist of fate, what happens when the help you seek has a sinister motive?


Grace is a troubled young woman, fighting to keep control of her life. She has suffered huge loss and her difficult relationship with her father takes her to breaking point. Desperate to overcome her fear of the dark, she seeks therapy. But the therapist's motives soon become unclear as he learns of Grace's actions. In true Shakespearian style, this tragedy unfolds as power, revenge and loss take over. #ScaredoftheDark


Created by Maraya Ashworth

Performed by Maraya Ashworth


About Maraya Ashworth

Maraya is an emerging performer who is coming to the end of her Performance for Stage and Screen degree at Sheffield Hallam University. She has recently started a theatre company called The Fresh Batch with five other students and aims to create work that is innovative, brave and thought provoking. Maraya has recently taken on the roles of writer, producer, director and actor in her own dramatic short film.

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OUR LUNGS 8:00 pm

by Yizhen Li & Euan Irving

A creative response to Duncan Macmillan’s 'Lungs', the story of a man and woman's, journey towards parenthood, addressing issues such as the environment, childbirth, love and loss.

A response to Duncan Macmillan’s Lungs, the story of a man and woman’s, journey towards parenthood that addresses issues such as the environment, childbirth, love and loss. The performance responds to the script by offering a performance which is able to stand by itself. The audience joins the couple midway through their journey, before watching how their relationship comes to a terrible end. The performance aims to make the audience think. #LoveAndLoss

Created by Euan Lewis Irving & Yizhen Li

Performed by Euan Lewis Irving & Yizhen Li

Warnings: Contains strong language and adult themes, not suitable for viewers under 18.

About Euan Lewis Irving

Euan is an aspiring producer/performer, currently developing his skills during his time at SHU where he has taken part in Hattie Naylor’s Mary Shelley and her Frankenstein, And Doppelgangster’s Choke Me. He is pursuing a sense of simplistic creativity in his work, as he believes that a middle ground between the extravagant and minimalist is key.

About Yizhen Li

Yizhen is from China. She is currently studying at Sheffield Hallam University. In China, she has her own performance training company. She thinks there is no end in life. As a dream catcher, she is always on the road.

Cthulhu CallsMatt Skelton
00:00 / 12:44


by  Matt Skelton

When a student discovers a story, The Call of Cthulhu, and a dreadful sculpture, his investigations lead down a dark path hidden from humanity.

An original show written, performed and produced by Matthew Skelton, taking inspiration from The Call of Cthulhu by H.P. Lovecraft! #CthulhuCalls 


Created by Matthew Skelton

Performed by Matthew Skelton and Annabel Pinchemain

Photograph by Annabel Pinchemain


About Matthew Skelton

Matthew Skelton is a playwright and creative visionary.  He has written and performed for a variety of media such as film, radio and stage, including This Dream, I Keep Having (theatre, 2019).  He aspires to produce his own content in the future through either his own theatre company. Facebook 


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