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7:00 pm - Third Night Introduction (Zoom).

7:30 pm - Glitch by Aaron Challoner (short film)

7:40 pm - A Daughter's Perspective by George Beresford (short film)

7:45 pm - SFW by Richard Delroy (short film)

8:00 pm - Lockdown the Musical by Alice Lindley (short film)

Please feel free to join the Zoom event and watch the pieces with us. You may also choose to access this evening's events by navigating the media below. This option is recommended if you struggle with a poor connection. 


Join the ZOOM...

GLITCH 7:30 pm

by Aaron Challoner

When social media watches what you do, would you admit your faults?

As a normal teenage lad, he uses social media a lot... Maybe, too much? As he continues to like, comment, subscribe or react to anything on every platform, little does he know that someone watches his media movements from afar, or possibly closer than expected. Maybe he was staring him right in the face all along... One glitch and you could miss it! #Glitch


Created by Aaron Challoner

Performed by Aaron Challoner


Warning: not suitable for viewers under the age of 14 as it contains scares and moments of horror. 


About Aaron Challoner

Aaron is a massive fan of theme parks, musicals and British Pathe documentaries, because he feels like all of them bring him joy. Instagram | Twitter | Forever Football DRFC | Coaster Chall


Direct link:


by  George Beresford

What happens after Nora exits A Doll’s House? George Beresford’s after play explores the effects of a mother leaving the family home and growing up in a Dad’s House.


The heavy sound of a door being slammed resounds through theatrical history and where Ibsen ends on an exit Beresford begins. As the aftershocks of Nora’s departure from the family home, her children and husband ripple across the decades  we see the impact of her decision on the life of her daughter Emmy.  Starring George Beresford as Nora and Torvald’s daughter Emmy, this production charts Emmy’s journey from childhood to adulthood, through the 1970s and 80s, as she embraces the future while the past holds her back.   As Emmy searches for her own identity and freedom she comes to know the truths of the father who raised her and the mother she lost. #afteradollshouse 


Created by George Beresford

Performed by George Beresford

Music 'Sad Emotional Piano' by DS Productions


About George Beresford

George is a third year student on the BA Performance for Stage and Screen at SHU. Her most recent work was a Covid inspired short film adaptation of Tangled and she recently played Helen in a student production of Zinne Harris’ Meet Me At Dawn. In tandem with her acting and short film work George writes original pieces for live performance as part of the regular Fresh Batch of Scratch zoom events, which she also co-organises. Facebook

Direct Link:

SFW 8:00 pm

by Richard Delroy

Sam's made his choice, but after a freak accident sends him back in time, will he chose to change it?

Sam has made a decision that could change his life forever, but after a car accident, he wakes up in his bedroom nine months earlier. Is it a dream? How did he get here? And how does he get out? Trapped alone in his room, a series of self-tape video dairies are the only way to guide him through this uneasy reality... Or so he believes. A response to NSWF, a play by Lucy Kirkwood, SFW looks at the gap in Sam's timeline in a coming-of-age story that explores themes of love, redemption, and reflection. #CHOOSETOCHANGE


Created by Richard Delroy

Performed by Richard Delroy


Warnings: Explicit Language  - Not suitable for viewers under the age of 14.


About Richard Delroy

Richard is a Northern actor who moved to Sheffield to train in Performance for stage and screen. Forging his path as a professional actor, Richard has appeared across the UK and internationally in short films, theatre, audio drama, and commercials.  Richard is also co-founder of The Fresh Batch Theatre company. | Facebook | Twitter

Direct Link:


by  Alice Lindley

When Boris shut down the Arts Industry, we said it’s time for a different form of musical theatre!  Are you intrigued to see how MT characters are coping with gruelling lockdowns? What have their lives been like these last 12 months?  Join us for this extravaganza adaptation: you know them as Dawn (Waitress), Elphaba (Wicked), Evan (Dear Evan Hansen) and  Alexander H (Hamilton)* but for one night only enjoy familiar melodies with a novel lockdown lyrical twist!    It’s all about: A little bit of theatre and song when ‘The Show Must Go On’ in the face of a Global pandemic! /

*More guest characters to be announced – watch this space! #Lockdownthemusical2021


Created by Alice Lindley

Performed by Alice Lindley


About Alice Charlotte Lindley

Alice Charlotte Lindley is an actress, singer, musical theatre performer, storyteller and aspiring teacher. Her most recent credits include playing Emma in a SHU production of Country Music by Simon Stephens and creating, directing and starring in an adaptation of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd - re-envisioning the barber shop as Victorian brothel. Facebook 

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